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Okay, YAY, I finally got around to joining NationofEleven (my god I'm slow...hcolleen has only been telling me to for...what...thirteen months now?)

Also, while trying to write (trying being the very key word here) I came up with a drabble.

You are a better person than I will ever be.  You feel everything so fully and with all your heart.  When you are hurt, you cry.  When you are happy, you laugh.  And when you love, you love so fully that you can never pull away.  The scars on your heart may be wide and run deep, but it is only because you feel so deeply.  No other living soul could survive having such scars - not your eldest brother, not me.  You are a better person than all of us.  One day, you'll see that.  You'll look in the mirror and no longer see the beauty you despise, but the strength lying beneath it.  One day, you'll see.

It was originally intended for Wolfram Von Bielefield of Kyou Kara Maou...but as I finished those last lines I realized, except for the brother comment, the paragraph really fits Mukuro...

Though I don't know who exactly would be telling her this.  It's just too sentimental to come from Hiei.  

And even though I meant it for fanfiction, I like it as a small piece of writing.  It gave me a warm, cozy feeling, imagining someone might really say this to another. 
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Writer's Block: Close Call

Accidents happen all the time, and often we walk away miraculously uninjured. What has been your closest call with avoiding serious harm in an accident?
I was seven years old and living in a house I affectionately called 'the pool house' (I later lived in the 'Trampoline House', the 'Johnson Tree House', and so on...you get the trend of nicknaming houses I had).  Anyways, this house had a forest (not really).  There was a large tree in our neighbors front yard, surrounded by bushes that were probably six or seven feet tall.  My sister and I like to call this area 'the forest.'

One day, during a garage sale of all things, I decided to climb a little higher than either of us ever had before (we were kids, we challenged each other, I won!)  Of course, I fell.

The bushes that made up our forest probably saved my life, breaking my twenty-something-foot fall.  I was seriously banged up and bruised (my mom was panicking I'd broken my arm - which I didn't) but the scariest part of my accident was the stick that went through my neck.  Probably sounds a bit more dramatic than it really was - it wasn't very thick and it pierced straight through skin and nothing more (I'm still not sure how it happened...)  but it got a good chunk out of me.  ^.^  And that's the closest I've ever come to serious harm.

Better Late than Never

Okay, so yesterday I promised kyohana a challenge prompt for today - since we've been doing so well with them lately.  Of course, I should have posted it last night, but I was a little preoccupied watching Junjo Romantica late into the night.

Can you ever forgive me?

So, here's your prompt challenge: Cleaning supplies (from Windex to vacuums to feather dusters)

If you're reading this, join in the fun!  I'll hopefully post mine later this afternoon.

Now I have to take a speech test!  See ya!

Messed up Meme

Okay, so I totally stole this from blueutopiah

Also, I think I really defeated the point of a Meme. Other than fun and inspirational uses to ward away writer's block...I'm pretty sure each entry is only about twenty paragraphs too long...

This is why I fail at one shots. My entries that shouldn't be more than a paragraph or two end up being one-shots and my one-shots end up being chapter-fics....

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Writer's Block and The King of Thieves

I was bored, suffering from writer's block on a story I should have sent to [info]kyohana almost a month ago and reading fanfiction to try and cure the problem.

Well, it cured the writer's block, but not with the right story.  So I thought I'd post it because it's short and I wondered what kind of opinions it might get.  ^.^

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